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In the mid 1970's, the veil of secrecy that had surrounded most Taoist teachings for millenia was suddenly lifted. Chinese Masters such as Ni, Hua Ching, Mantak Chia, Steven Chang and others started teaching and publishing their knowledge, at first to Chinese students in the West and then inevitably directly to Westerners. For the first time the internal aspects of many martial arts and Tai Chi practices were revealed. Often to the dismay of more traditional teachers, the most valued teachings, closely held for only the select inner circle were suddenly available to anyone with the knowledge of where to look and time to master the methods. Once the door was open there was no closing it. In the 80's and 90's there has been a flood of publications, from China, Taiwan, Korea and many places in the West. Often prompted by their aging masters, fearing the Red Guard or worse, Taoists have gone mainstream.