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Daoism (also spelled Taoism) is the original wisdom tradition of the Middle Kingdom, as China has been known to the Han Chinese for millenia. With it's roots firmly in the shamanistic traditions of ancient China, Daoism has been updated and reinvented numerous times continuing into the present era. A legendary ancestor named Lao Tzo (meaning simply Old Sage) is revered as the original one. His wisdom is compiled in the Tao Te Ching. This short volume contains the original compiling of what had previously been an oral tradition.

There are few aspects of Chinese culture that can be separated from Daoism. Medicine, philosophy, cosmology, religion, morality, social relationships, personal cultivation, government, creativity, astrology and many more all find their origins therein. Calligraphy, music, painting, tai chi, qigong, neigong and others are practiced as part of self cultivation in the temple as well as the lay tradition

The Cultural Revolution took a huge toll on the practice of Daoism throughout China. Thousands of temples and lay communities were laid waste. Few lineages were spared. Some Masters and practitioners survived by hiding among the population. This was not a new phenomenon in Daoism which has seen similar purges as a regular part of it's history. The existent body of written works, the "Tao Canon" or Daozang has been banned or destroyed multiple times, only to be recompiled from manuscripts hidden against just such an eventuality. The current edition of the Daozang contains close to 2500 volumes and dates from the Ming Canon of 1445.

Question and Answer about the order of practice

Question: Hi James, hope everything is good with you. I just wanted to ask you in all your years of training, have you found there is a particular sequence that is best to do the exercises in order to extract maximum benefit? For example, doing supplementary practices [walking,trees] followed straight away by sitting, or the other way round. Would apreciate any advice you could give me in... click here to continue.

10 Days with Wang Liping, a student's experience. Days 1-3, Establishing the Field and Ziran

Days 1-3, Establishing the Field and Ziran No question that on looking back, the first 2-1/2 days of the April 2011 retreat were the most difficult. Students arrived from all over the world, with widely different levels of practice, some with little or virtually no experience with the type and form of practice we were doing. Master Wang expended great effort devoting the time to build and... click here to continue.

10 Days with Wang Liping, a student's experience. Arrival

Arrival The 10 days at Tao Garden was a waiting experience. I got over the 12 hours of jet lag, and found some time to disconnect from the hectic pace of the last few weeks of disposing of 64 years of personal accummulation. Tao Garden had transformed itself from a Taoist Retreat Center to a Thai spa. It was busy and evidently successful in it's new form.... click here to continue.

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