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Learn Authentic Chinese Astrology with Dr. David Twicken, DOM, L.Ac.,

Senior Healing Tao Instructor, Consultant, and Author of Chinese Astrology Made Easy, Spiritual Qi Gong, and Four Pillars and Oriental Medicine

4 Pillars ChineseAstrology is an ancient method revealing one's worldly and spiritual destiny. Itis a powerful tool for learning about the many aspects of a person -- theirstrengths, challenges, obstacles and opportunities. Doing the right thing at theright time is an integral aspect of Chinese metaphysics and Chinese Astrology isthe key to learning how to take advantage of elemental cycles.

Learn Four Pillars of Destiny (Zi Ping Astrology) with an experienced teacher and practitioner. David Twicken is knownfor presenting complex methods in clear, understandable and user-friendly ways,making the learning process fun, clear and easily applicable. Thisworkshop focuses on fundamentals of Chinese Astrology and includes a frameworkfor performing a Chinese Astrology consultation. Learn how professional ChineseAstrologers analyze a birth chart and determine auspicious times, optimalprofessions, heavenly and earthly destiny, relationship compatibility andadvantageous times for generating wealth and much more. David's wish for you isthat you leave the workshop and begin to practice this method.

This seminar includes:
Chinese Astrology Fundamentals

  • Yin-Yang & Five Elements
  • 10-Celestial Stems & 12-Earthly Branches
  • The Chinese Calendar
  • Four Pillars Birth Charts

Chinese Astrology Interactions

  • Stem Interactions
  • Branch Interactions
  • Stem-Branch Interactions
  • Constitutional Interactions

The Destiny Code

  • Condition of Day Master
  • Yong Shen, Optimal Favorable Elements
  • 10-Heavenly Influences (10-Gods)
  • Life Challenges
  • Life Opportunities
  • Karmic Influences
  • Wealth
  • Romance
  • Career

 Influences of Cycles of Time (Transits)

  • 10-Year Fate / Luck Cycles
  • Annual Cycles
  • Month Cycles
  • Day Cycles
 Books, E-books and Software are available to support your learning.
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10 Days with Wang Liping, a student's experience. Arrival

Arrival The 10 days at Tao Garden was a waiting experience. I got over the 12 hours of jet lag, and found some time to disconnect from the hectic pace of the last few weeks of disposing of 64 years of personal accummulation. Tao Garden had transformed itself from a Taoist Retreat Center to a Thai spa. It was busy and evidently successful in it's new form.... click here to continue.

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